We can help with most computer hardware, software and accessories problems. However, we don't have a shop in the common sense of the term, nor do we carry an inventory of parts or software programs.

We can, nevertheless, look over your system's configurations and settings, and recommend what you will need to do to improve your computer's health.

In some cases that may mean a full re-install of your operating software and re-installation of all your programs and data. In such cases, we can provide considerable help and guidance with that task, taking special care to protect your personal data and e-mail files.

Many users also find that they have outgrown their old hard drive and would like to install a new larger one at substantial savings. We would be happy to discuss alternative strategies to accomplishing such a project.

We charge $50.00/hour up to a maximum of $350.00 for a full re-install project but the first half hour is FREE! Please give us a call if you need advice or help.